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Creating Animated Shorts and Movies The Art and Science Behind Free_birdd Magic

By ari kytsya Jul 8, 2024

Animation combines art and technology to create powerful stories that are simply impossible in other media for all of you who are already following Free_birdd’s animation channel and have a taste for the magical world of animated shorts or full-length movies. But the question is, what does it take to make those stunning animations? This time, we are going to reveal Free_birdd’s secrets and take you behind the scenes of her creative process through this blog post, which is full of insight for animation enthusiasts or aspiring animators alike.

The appeal of animation is why we are drawn into it

The very special quality of Animation is to spark the imagination. Creativity is at an all-can-possible level in animation compared to any traditional live-action film. Characters are not constrained by physics, landscapes do not have to exist in any reality we know, and they can occupy worlds only limited by the imagination of a talented mind while telling tales as broad spectrum thematically full of truth that records still remain but is stripped down for accessibilityricing scales up.FixedSingle This adaptability creates a potent platform for storytelling when it comes to animation.

Animated content provides an escape for viewers. Animation can take us to other worlds, even if just for a moment – whether the clip is less than half a minute in duration or part of a feature-length film. It’s up to animators to continue its believability and attributes that make it exciting.

Animation Basics What you have to know Word Count: 495 Reading Time: ~7 minutes

Certain factors are important when producing an animation in English. Creating the story idea happens during phase 1 – concept. This is then writing, where the story comes together on paper or screen. Setting up the story – Storyboarding, makeup sketches of scenes for visual explanation in charge.

The other important bit is the character design. Designers are responsible for drawing their characters, which should look good and express a lot of feelings. Backgrounds to the animation are very important as they act like a stage from a play in theatre for which the whole story revolves.

Voice acting then gives each character life and a fleshed-out personality. The final part is animating itself through several techniques and software to compose all these.

This is called Concept Development How Ideas Fly

CONCEPTUALIZATION: The very first process of creating an animation It involves conceiving ideas and developing them into a narrative. The Importance of ConceptIts All About the Begining…

We keep it simple to begin with at Free_birdd. Maybe a character, maybe some event or even just one line of dialogue. Then we form a narrative of this concept, which includes who is high might be the target audience and the themes… etc.

The well-conceptualized idea becomes the scaffold upon which the whole animation stands. This informs the screenwriting, storyboarding and even the animation format. If an idea is not essentially sound, the result could be incoherent and impotent.

Writing the Ideal Script Goes From Ideas To Words

When this idea is finalised, the process is written into a script. That means creating all the dialogue, actions and settings. A well-written script can help (everyone knows what the story is about/emphasis/direction).

Animation scriptwriting differs from live-action writing in many significant ways. First order of business- it has to acknowledge the fact that is a visual platform, in other words, that involves describing every scene as vividly and visually striking as possible. What is more, animation scripts come with footnotes for animators, too – everything from what kind of camera angles are used to FX.

Free_birdd: We come up with scripts through a collaborative process. Collaborating with directors and animators, the writers help guide a script to match the project’s vision. In doing so, they are able to identify if any problems exist early on in the production phase and iron out works beforehand – making it easier for all involved streams.

The Blueprint of Animation Storyboarding

After that comes Storyboarding, which creates the visual plan for how our animation will function, this is the process of creating sequential scenes to plot how your story progresses in a visual sense. These storyboards act as a template for the animators to follow, so their importance is notable in each shot.

Here is what is important: Composition, Timing Transitions Storyboards also help determine pacing and continuity problems before actual animation is needed. You also recognize them as a communication device that will guarantee everybody throughout the project is on board.

Free_birdd goes through multiple revisions during his storyboarding process. Based on the feedback of your team, you refine what were initially fast sketches. After several reviews from the art director and some small changes here and there, this back-and-forth process is necessary to make sure that our storyboard has enough detail to correct the stage for a successful animation.

Life to the personalities, in Character Design

An animation’s character design is one of its most important facets. Good characters look nice visually and also practitioners of implicit expressions. This allows the characters to be more realistic and captivating for viewers.

Concept Artistry: The Design of the Characters The initial sketches will touch upon the designs of how both characters should look in different ages and styles. After a design is chosen, it gets scaled and detailed: what colours should be used, how facial expressions look like—-solemn but not harsh, etc.

Character design at Free_birdd is a collaborative process. Designers liaise closely with writers and directors to ensure the characters follow – or diverge from – the story, its problems, and its themes. The collaboration helps build characters that do not just look good but also add to the narrative.

Backgrounds Design: Establishing the Background

The background design is the first act of animation, creating a context during which an action takes place and all or part story is boosted up by it. Good backgrounds work to fill out a scene, making the audience believe more in this animated world.

Concept art depicts how the backgrounds might look, exploring a lot of potential looks and styles. Based on feedback from the team, they perfected these initial sketches. When chosen, the design goes into more detail and is finalised based on light sources, perspective, and colour palettes.

Free_birdd: We iterated the background design. First, concepts were iterated, refined, and perfected following the team’s feedback. The goal was to help establish impressive backgrounds, both visually and narratively

In terms of adding some depth and personality to the character through voice acting

The main ingredient in animation is the voice behind each character. It breathes life into them, providing dimension and character to each role. A good voice actor is able to express so many emotions that the audience can feel them themselves, thereby making the characters more interactive and appealing to their viewers.

The process begins with casting. So we worked on just the right actor to play every character. After the cast is picked, recording sessions are scheduled. It is those sessions in which voice actors are directed, and their performances complimented to fit into the creative vision of a project.

Free_birdd: It is a collaboration, right? Directors: help guide the voice actors in their performances to make sure they fit with what was envisioned for that project. This partnership has been instrumental in producing visually striking characters that also serve as part of the story.

Bringing It All TogetherAnimation Techniques

This is just the design. The actual animation process involves putting all these elements together using multiple software and techniques. This category covers 2D, finger drawing, and computer-produced pics (CGI), stop-stop movement animations.

We briefly review the pros and cons of each technique. While traditional animation might not cost as much money, it faces the challenge of being time-consuming and labour-intensive when used in the video. Most software allows CGI, giving more versatility but making it a little harder(skill required). Dycedarg Stop-motion animation has a unique charm and texture. It also makes us feel the constant care for each one of these updates.

To target these diverse styles, we work with a combination of techniques available to us at Free_birdd for each project. We have animators who are proficient in different techniques and can pick what is lighter based on the scene.

Post-production (Putting The Final Touches)

Post-production is the last stage of animation. This means finalizing the animation with editing, sound design, and VFX. Postproduction is another essential element that makes or breaks the end result/ will either do justice to it by bringing out its quality.

The editing is where it gets polished, making the animation move well and fit with the story. The sound design is simply incredible and stands secondary to the animation, providing this feel of depth that elevates the entire experience overall. Effects give the animation a different level of dynamism to make it appealing.

Enjoy. At Free_birdd, we take our post-production process incredibly seriously… The composition is considered and reworked to make the end product neat and professional-looking.

What Animation Did to the Different Industries and How it Lives

Animation is involved everywhere, from textbooks to amusement, marketing, and healthcare. From there, it is used to educate, entertain, and invigorate the masses, creating a valuable way of communicating and storytelling.

Animation allows art to be showcased limitlessly in the entertainment territory. This opens up possibilities for the types of stories storytellers can tell and gives access to ideas that may have been hard or impossible to convey through other mediums. In education, animation can also make abstract concepts easier to understand and more enjoyable – ultimately leading to a better learning experience.

Why you should animate for marketing Animation in a digital marketing context gains more attention and communicates messages better. This can be used to make ads stickier, more engaging and ultimately convert better at scale. When it comes to healthcare, animation can help explain complex medical information in a way that is easier for the average patient or health professional to glean.

As always, change is inevitable in the world of animation as technology continues to advance and audience tastes continue to evolve. New trends and technologies are driving the future of animation while providing new room for creativity and innovation.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented virtual (AR): The introduction of VR/ AR has been one of the most significant trends in the past decade. They provide new ways of animation, which is more immersive and interactive. They are inventing new forms of storytelling and audience interaction.

One other trend: is the greater use of artificial intelligence in animation. Utilizing AI can also help automate part of the animation workflow, reducing overhead costs and expediting file completion. It has the quality of simplifying animation and therefore provides higher resolution on more life-like characters/locations.


Animation is one of the most versatile and dynamic types mainly because there are no limitations to what can be achieved. Whether you are a budding animator or merely keen on the genre, having an understanding of how animated shorts and features come together can only help strengthen your love for this particular art.

At Free_birdd – we Love Animation & We Focus on The Unusual. We hope you will tag along as we embark on this thrilling adventure, delving into the wonderful world of animation and exploring new possibilities with storytelling and communication.

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