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5 Incredible Hotspots for Trekking in Kashmir

The other name of Kashmir is “Heaven on Earth, ” and this is not only justified by its mesmerizing meadows and landscapes but also its treks. Yes, some of the best Kashmir Packages offer you an amazing experience of trekking in Kashmir. 

When planning for Kashmir, people often think of Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Chandanwari in Kashmir. No doubt, these are some of the most iconic attractions of Kashmir. But, there’s one more thing that very less people think of–Treks. Kashmir has some of the best scenic treks in the world. So,  without any more delays,  let’s explore those treks

5 Popular Treks in Kashmir 

1. Kashmir Great Lakes

When we talk about popular treks in Kashmir, the very first name that comes into anyone’s mind is the Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

Starting from a village in Sonmarg, this trek takes you through some of the finest views of the Himalayas, offering views of several stunning alpine lakes.

The trek covers almost 70 kilometers, takes around 7-9 days to complete, and reaches a maximum altitude of about 13,750 feet.

During this trek, trekkers have the opportunity to see 7 alpine lakes, namely Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangbal, Nundkol, and Dal Lake.

It’s because the whole journey is filled with mesmerizing views, so forget the word “exhausting”. 

The trail also passes through beautiful dense forests, and rocky terrains, providing you with a diverse and spectacular experience.

The best time for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is from July to September when the weather is pleasant and the whole route is open.

2. Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek – H3

The Kashmir Alpine Lakes trek is another gem when we talk about trekking in Kashmir.

It starts from Naranag village in Kashmir and takes around 6-7 days.

This trek takes you to the height of 13,800 feet, and also takes you to several high-altitude lakes, passing through some of the most scenic landscapes in Kashmir.

You can say it is a short version of Kashmir Great Lakes, with a total trek distance is around 60 kilometers.

It also offers stunning views of alpine lakes such as Vishansar, Kishansar, and Gangbal. 

You will trek witnessing several open landscapes, high mountain passes, and camp by the serene lakesides every night. 

The whole journey of this trek offers some of the most to make this trek a truly unforgettable experience.

June to September is the ideal time for the Kashmir Alpine Lakes trek. During this time, the trails are clear, and the weather is also favorable.

3. Tarsar Marsar Trek – H3

The Tarsar Marsar trek begins from Aru Valley, and this is one of the most desirable popular treks in Kashmir.

The trek takes you to the twin alpine lakes, Tarsar and Marsar, nestled in the Aru Valley.

The whole trek is about 48 kilometers and reaches a maximum elevation of 13,201 feet during your trek.

Trekking to Tarsar and Marsar offers a unique experience of witnessing two pristine blue lakes surrounded by mountains. 

Not only the lakes but the journey is also filled with stunning views of Kashmir’s landscapes.

This combination of the serenity of the lakes and the peacefulness of the surroundings makes this trek even more beautiful. 

The best time for the Tarsar Marsar trek is from May to September, when the weather is mild, and the trails are easily accessible.

4. Trek to Thajiwas Glacier

The Thajiwas Glacier trek is among the hardest and most popular treks in Kashmir. 

Located around 80 kilometers from Srinagar, Thajiwas Glacier offers something you don’t want to miss.

The trek covers a short distance of approximately 7 kilometers, with an altitude of about 10,000 feet, and takes just 1-2 days to complete.

The Thajiwas Glacier trek is best for those looking for a short yet exhilarating trekking experience.

It offers stunning views of the glacier, surrounded by lush greenery, and mountains

If you’re willing to experience snow in the summer months, then this trek is perfect for you as this glacier remains snow-covered throughout the year.

The best time for Thajiwas Glacier Trek is the summer months, from April to October. In winter, it becomes extremely cold, making this trek even more difficult for even experienced trekkers.

5. Badopathri Trek

The Badopathri trek is one of those popular treks in Kashmir for which Kashmir is known for. 

When we think of Kashmir, most of us think of those endless green meadows right?

This is what this trek offers. Located about 50 kilometers from Srinagar, the trek is almost 10 kilometers long.

Badopathri is famous for its name, “Valley of Shepherds,” because this region is home to local shepherds of Kashmir. 

While trekking also, you will see numerous shepherds and their cattle which offer a peaceful trekking experience.

The trek provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains like Pir Panjal and other peaks rising around, and believe it or not, this will surely make you fall in love with trekking in Kashmir. 

The whole trek takes you through various lakes and remote areas and ends at Tasomaidan.

This region is popular for a unique kind of bird species–Golden Oriole that you might see during the trek. If you’re willing to do this scenic trek then May to October is the best time.


In conclusion, it must be fact to say that Trekking in Kashmir is a journey through paradise. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a newbie, these treks will surely captivate your mind and soul.

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