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Blue World City Announced Balloting Event April 2024

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Blue World City is a meticulously planned development in Islamabad, Pakistan, with the intention of creating an autonomous urban utopia. Construction has begun on the project. Upon completing this joint venture between Pakistani and Chinese enterprises, a unique blend of modern lifestyle and calm surroundings exists. Modern healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and vibrant commercial zones all work together to provide an excellent quality of life. Intelligently planned residential communities are accessible via wide boulevards. As a result of its innovative infrastructure and commitment to eco-friendly methods, Blue World City has become an enticing proposition for investors and residents.

Location & Map

Location is usually the first consideration an investor considers when purchasing real estate. The area no longer defines a person’s feeling of safety but rather determines whether or not they have access to all their basic needs. In addition, before making a final selection, you must consider the drawbacks of a property’s location. The Blue World City Location is near the Chakri Interchange. You may easily approach the project via the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Not only that, but the project is also close to the International Airport.

Blue World City Balloting

The outcome of the Blue World City balloting is central to their discussion. All the information a small, medium, or large investor could want. The Blue World City Islamabad executives have a comprehensive discussion for timely balloting. So, Blue World City is keeping all of its promises and doing it very well. Remember that all Blue World Housing Society’s blocks participate in voting.

Blue World City Balloting 2024

This article will discuss the First BWC Balloting 2024 at Blue World City Islamabad not long ago. This blog will walk you through checking the voting results; just read to the end. On Sunday, April 24, 2024, Blue World City held its first Balloting of 2024 at precisely one o’clock in the afternoon. Blue World City’s Down Town Gate No. 3 was the event’s location. The developers have distributed the plot numbers of about fifty thousand commercial and residential parcels on this joyous occasion.

BWC Balloting 2024 Requirement

Regarding the website, the Blue World City Balloting necessitates meeting specific payment percentages based on the chosen block. Below is an analysis of the mandatory conditions. Additionally, there was a specified deadline of March 22, 2024, for settling outstanding payments to be eligible for the balloting process. Ensure to verify the official site for any revisions about eligibility or deadlines.

  • General Block: Requires a payment of 90% of the entire plot price.
  • The Overseas Block, Awami Block, and Waterfront Block all require a payment of 75% of the total plot price.
  • The Sports Valley Block necessitates a payment of 50% of the entire plot price.

How to be Part of BWC Balotting 2024

If buyers follow these processes, they will be able to participate in the balloting that will take place in 2024, as stated here. Buyers will get assigned plots once the admission process is complete, and the management will change their plot documents per the revised information.

  • Make sure to register with the officials of Blue World City or with a real estate developer. Estate Land Marketing can also help you register for the event.
  • Thoroughly fill out and upload the application form for Blue World City. The form needs to have all of the correct information and pertinent documents.
  • Please ensure that all payments and installments are paid in full by the date set by the administration, March 22, 2024. Buyers can be disqualified from voting if they do not fulfill this condition. 
  • On the date management notified the buyer, they should be present at the voting event.

BWC Balloting 2024 Show in Unity with Palestine

The management inaugurated the Al Aqsa Museum and Al Aqsa Mosque of Blue World City Islamabad as a gesture of unity with the Palestinian people. One way to show solidarity with the Gaza people and the Palestinian cause is to decorate the event place with Palestinian flags. Blue World City Islamabad, which recently acquired property near the M-2 Motorway interchange, was the mandatory site visit for all event attendees. The guests had nothing but praise for the organization’s development efforts and unwavering faith in the services provided by the administration.


The Blue World City Balloting 2024 is an essential turning point in the construction of this ambitious project. Investors have confidence in the management for their open and organized approach to the balloting process, highlighting the project’s dedication to justice and honesty. As the development progresses, it will stimulate economic growth, give enormous employment opportunities, and provide a contemporary living solution per worldwide standards. Not only does the successful completion of this phase reflect favorably on the management of the project, but it also establishes a positive trajectory for the subsequent phases of Blue World City. In the future, the stakeholders must keep up their momentum and transparency to guarantee that the project will continue to yield positive results and impact.

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