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Brent Bushnell Playground Redefining Entertainment Technology

By ari kytsya Jul 8, 2024

Brent Bushnell’s creative territory is where technology and play meet to create a new gaming world. This post is for techies, event planners, and educators to have a fun read through some of Bushnell’s game-changing work. Find out why One Man’s Creative Vision is Revolutionizing the Way We Experience and Interact with Technology at Two Bit Circus.

Brent Bushnell and Two Bit Circus Introduce Themselves

Tech entrepreneur Brent Bushnell isn’t a typical techie. In addition to engineering, Matthias draws and tells stories. He can also put himself into the future with his dark thoughts. He subsequently launched Two Bit Circus, a future-of-fun lab co-founded with Eric Gradman that is part engineering firm and part circus. Their mission? To create entertainment that brings people together and reframe what popular culture can look like.

Two Bit Circus started as a scrappy little startup with big dreams. Based in Los Angeles, the company caught headlines with its original style of entertainment, mixing elements such as virtual reality, robotics, and arcade games to create interactive environments for all ages. Their flagship micro-amusement park sits somewhere between a child’s playground and an adult fun house, featuring experiences that fall slightly to the left or right of expectations.

But what sets Two Bit Circus apart is its ethos. The organization is devoted to constructing an era that is fun and approachable, nurturing creativity and collaboration. Our projects, whether pop-up events or permanent installations are designed to engage and inspire.

Engineering Entertainment

Two Bit Circus is fundamentally an art and engineering company. Bushnell and his team utilize cutting-edge tech, including AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), to deliver engaging content that also has educational value. This mix of disciplines comes together to create what the team at Two Bit Circus refers to as “engineering entertainment.

Two Bit Circus is also behind one of our favourite projects, “Story Rooms,” which are basically escape rooms on steroids. The rooms are narrative-driven and feature various technologies such as motion sensors, interactive screens, etc. Participants must solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and perform tasks to move the plot along, creating a fully immersive experience.

They also have their own VR playgrounds, another exciting project of the company. Visitors can enter these spaces and interact with digital objects and characters (even their avatars) in real time. The systems in these playgrounds are complex, relying on high-end VR headsets, spatial tracking, and haptic feedback solutions. Hi, Everyone. In the end, it turns out to be extraordinarily fun and playful but almost makes highly transparent technology.

Two Bit Circus is also great at creating giant public installations. Their interactive sculptures and digital art pieces are common at festival events, attracting a number of people to start with the conversations. But not only are the installations stunning to look at – they also become a novelty hands-on way for people to stumble upon and interact with new technology.

How the Entertainment and tech industries would Suffer

What 2Bit Circus did has affected the entertainment and tech industry to its core. Their pioneering vision has not only earned a huge fan following but also inspired new entertainment. They have seamlessly married technology with storytelling to craft transportation experiences that are equally immersive and unforgettable.

Intel is one of its most famous partnerships. They worked together to create interactive experiences that exhibited Intel’s technology. The process also highlighted what sort of fun, meaningful experiences could be created with cutting-edge tech.

Two Bit Circus gave rise to a new class of interactive media in the mainstream entertainment zeitgeist. Their legacy touches everything from theme parks and video games to the large screen, raising audience expectations. By expanding on what can be done, they have broken new ground for creative and innovative options.

Two Bit Circus’s accomplishments have also caught the eye of the tech industry. The originality with which they have implemented AI, AR, and other sophisticated tools has served as a template for many applications like these. This success blossomed a burgeoning interest and investment in other ventures, potentially spurring the future evolution of tech in entertainment.

Educational Initiatives

Two Bit Circus isn’t only about having fun: it’s also deeply involved in education. The company’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs are designed to inspire the next generation of innovators. Initiatives like these deliver practical experiences that cultivate students’ creativity and critical thinking.

Their largest education program is the Two Bit Circus Foundation. This not-for-profit organization offers a variety of activities and resources related to STEM Minds. We do this by hosting workshops and camps and working with schools to help students navigate the unknown of life, which puts them one step ahead in a constantly evolving world.

These educational efforts are making a difference. These programs have the added benefit of piquing student interest in STEAM courses and honing their problem-solving skills. Teachers also rave about how they are engaging students in ways that make learning fun and interesting.

The Two Bit Circus team is working with local schools and organizations to expand its educational programs. These partnerships have supported them in reaching thousands of students by offering quality learning and planting the seed to boost interest levels at a young age.

The Future of Entertainment Technology

Brent Bushnell imagines the future of entertainment technology to be as natural a form of play as possible, leading to experiences that are fun and positive.

More than anything else, Two Bit Circus said it wants to do much more work on creating immersive experiences. Bushnell and his crew are always looking at new technology and ways to make sure their environments are as immersive and interactive as possible. And that includes everything from more mature VR systems to AI-based storytelling.

Granted, the global expansion side of things can be pretty exciting. Already a hit in Los Angeles, Two Bit Circus plans to take its unique global entertainment brand. If successful, this would give many more people the chance to encounter and join this community at Two Bit Circus.

Bushnell also hopes Two Bit Circus’s foray into education has a long life ahead. He feels that providing Makers with the resources they need and allowing them to grow through incentive programs like those focused on STEAM education will breed a new era of innovators and makers solving problems. This is crucial not only for the future of tech but also for our society more broadly.


Brent Bushnell and Two Bit Circus are changing the way entertainment is done in the new millennium. Iterating on their tech-savvy and creative skills, they are delivering entertaining and meaningful experiences. Each can make a dent in the world of entertainment and technology, providing immersive environments combined with educational programs or public installations.

Brent Bushnell’s work is applicable to any of his colleagues in tech, other event planners, and educators. The promise of his vision falls in line with the requirements necessary to actuate it, proving that if you have the right mix of cutting-edge technology and imagination, anything is achievable.

To learn more about the amazing work of Brent Bushnell and Two Bit Circus, visit their website or check out some of their projects here. You won’t be disappointed.

By ari kytsya

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