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DIY Boho: Create Your Own Custom Bohemian Area Rug with These Tips

Originating in 19th-century France, the collective vision of artists defined the bohemian interior design style. The comfortable, unique, and unusual in this style, deviates from boring design norms. A few things to know before you begin: There are no predetermined guidelines for making your custom boho area rugs. Follow our guide to learn more about how to create your customised boho rugs.

How to Create Your Own Custom Boho Area Rugs?

Choose Your Design

To create personalised boho area rugs, you must customise your design to match the colour scheme, pattern, or topic of your space. Selecting natural fabrics like cotton, wool, or jute is the first step towards developing a bohemian style. To set an eclectic bohemian mood, embrace earthy, bright tones and match them with warm neutrals, dramatic blues, and rich reds.

To add visual interest, use a variety of patterns, such as geometric, floral or tribal themes. Add beads, fringes, or multiple weaves to the rug’s texture for an opulent, sensual experience. Incorporate symbols or patterns which have a meaning for you to add unique touches. 

Make the Weave Choice

A customised boho rug’s texture and appearance are influenced by the weave choice, so choosing wisely is crucial. There are more knot weaving options, including 60, 80, 100, or 150 knots per square inch. By selecting from a variety of knot counts, each of which delivers a distinct density and feel, you may tailor the rug to your preferences.

The perfect weave for your boho area rugs will be determined in large part by the design you have chosen. Lower knot counts are usually necessary for rugs with open sections or prominent designs to preserve the desired aesthetic and keep the patterns distinct. Higher knot counts, on the other hand, are a good choice for rugs with tiny details or elaborate patterns since they convey the depth of the design.

Choose the Perfect Materials and Texture

To get the desired style and feel, selecting the correct materials and texture while making customised boho area rugs is crucial. Some natural fibres are cotton, sisal, wool, jute, and seagrass to make your boho rug. The texture is important to the overall look and feel of the rugs. The word “pile” refers to the tufts of yarn on the surface of the rug; there are many options. 

Slicked yarn loops give sliced-pile carpets their rich, velvety textures and luxurious underfoot feel. They are a good choice for establishing a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in your space with a boho theme. The yarn loops in loop-pile rugs are instead kept whole and are a great option for high-traffic areas since they provide a more resilient and textured surface. A personalised boho rug that not only fits your style but also gives your house cosiness, comfort, and uniqueness may be made by carefully choosing the materials and texture.

Best Boho Style Rugs

Yeni Floral Washable Rug

Presenting the Yeni Grey and Beige Floral Washable Rug, a contemporary take on a classic style. This rug gives refinement to a place with its faded multi-tones of light and dark grey traditional floral designs on a cream backdrop. It is made of soft, plush 8mm polyester pile fibres, which adds durability and comfort. Because of its foldable shape, it is easy to store and offers stability and safety on any surface thanks to the integrated non-slip underlay and also a good option for a baby play mat. The rug offers hassle-free maintenance due to its machine washable, spill- and stain-resistant qualities. For minor spills, just spot wipe; for a deeper clean, give it a machine wash. 

Moselle Distressed Round Rug

A stunning accent to your space, present the Moselle Beige and Brown Floral Distressed Round Rug. This rug has rich floral designs in a classic distressed style, with warm ivory beige and faded tan-brown tones. It was created especially for the Miss Amara line and has a cosmopolitan, vintage vibe that works well in Scandi, bohemian or modern environments. The rug’s silky cotton chenille/polyester blend fibres. These are crafted in India using the jacquard process, providing a plush feel underfoot and a subdued luminous quality.

Theodora Distressed Washable Rug

The Theodora Orange and Beige Distressed Washable Rug adds a classic accent for your room. Theodora adds grace and beauty to modern, classic, boho, or vintage settings with its gorgeous orange, beige and cream colour scheme and classical medallion design. With its 8mm pile of ultra-soft polyester fibres, it provides opulent comfort for your feet. It is perfect for a baby play mat because it is washable and foldable, and it is made for medium-traffic areas. Theodora, which is made in China utilising contemporary looming processes, seamlessly blends convenience, durability, and design.


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