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Hexham Matters: Empowering the Local Community

Tucked away in the heart of Northumberland is a vibrant community platform that has become an integral part of the area. Hexham Matters, a digital space promoting local business events encouraging community participation, has become indispensable to residents and businesses. This paper discusses the significance of Hexham Matters, its community guidelines, and how local entrepreneurs can use this platform to enhance visibility and success.

Why Hexham Matters

Hexham Matters is a central meeting point for the people living within, providing them with a place to connect, share information and assist one another. The importance of this platform is hinged on:
– Enforcing community engagement: By establishing a specific venue for local talk about activities, Hexham Matters causes people to be active creators of their destinies.
– Backing Small Businesses: It allows small enterprises in the region to advertise their products/services and reach out to their target customers, thus driving clients into their shops/locations.
– Facilitating Local Events: A single website for all happenings around ensures that locals know what is happening.

Community Guidelines

Hexham Matters has established certain community guidelines to promote a positive and inclusive environment. These rules help ensure that everybody enjoys being on this platform:
1) Local Business Advertising: There should be only one post per week by local businesses advertising on Hexham Matters unless there are special non-national events.
2) Recommendations and Notices: Any positive recommendation from satisfied customers, posting about charity fundraisers, or any other relevant causes, such as sports teams’ announcements, shall be allowed.
3) Event and Community Information: This could include details regarding forthcoming events, photos, and general discussion about community organizations or sports.
4) Respectful Conduct: Offensive jokes, explicit language, discriminatory remarks, obscene images (and memes), bullying, and disrespectful behaviour toward others (including attack posts) are not allowed here. However, humour is welcome.
5) Apolitical Stance: Hexham Matters focuses on local issues and does not indulge in national politics.

These guidelines should be strictly adhered to by the members of this group as this will enable them to have a positive experience and ensure that they do not breach any of these rules.

Local SEO Strategies

Local businesses can use Hexham Matters to increase online visibility and reach target audiences. Some effective local SEO strategies include:
– Post relevant content: Share updates, promotions, and informative content that aligns with the local community’s interests.
– Engage with the Community: Participate actively in discussions and respond to comments and questions from potential customers.
– Encourage Reviews: Ask your satisfied customers to give reviews on Hexham Matters and Google My Business for more visibility and credibility.
– Use Local Keywords: Incorporate location-specific keywords into your posts and business information so that you may rank higher on search engines for local searches.

Success Stories

Countless firms and events have benefited from being listed on Hexham Matters. For instance;
– Local Café Sees Surge In Customers – After posting daily specials regularly all week and interacting with residents around them, one café saw a marked rise in footfall together with a lot of loyalty.
– Community Fundraiser Exceeds Goals – A charity event held locally became known through discussions on Facebook, resulting in record-breaking attendance numbers and donations.

The above examples demonstrate how powerful Hexham Matters can be when promoting engagement within a place or community.


Hexham Matters now serves as a vital resource for locals, allowing them to learn more, network and stay informed. Businesses and individuals utilizing Hexham Matters can employ community guidelines and local search engine optimization techniques to maximize their reach on the platform, thus contributing to the growth and vitality of this group. Therefore, we encourage all residents and businesses to participate actively in Hexham Matters by telling their stories or experiences that will help shape the future of this vibrant community platform.

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