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How Much Does it Cost to Outsource App Development?

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The Outsourcing App Development framework is increasingly being utilized by companies that require high-quality versatile applications yet don’t wish to manage the overhead costs of an in-house development team. Companies can save from 20% to 70% when they outsource developers. Plus, businesses outsource app development to get a talent and expertise pool of developers who have the right expertise to build an app.

This way, businesses can focus on their core capabilities by incorporating this app strategy into the app development life cycle. But, the cost of developing an app may vary because of several factors. They include the complexity of the project, the geographic location of the team, etc. Let’s know them in detail!

Average Costs of Outsourcing Application Development

When businesses outsource mobile app development, the cost can go from two or three hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, depending on various factors. Somewhere in the range of $10,000 and $50,000 is what a direct app with basic functionalities could cost.

·         A few applications, similar to those that can be changed in a ton of ways, that work with different frameworks, or that have a ton of significant high-level features, can cost $150,000.

·         Costs are commonly determined by the geographic location of the development team. Eastern European and Asian developers frequently charge $25 to $50 per hour, contrasted with their Western European and North American partners who could charge $75 to $150 per hour.

·         At last, the final cost will be contingent upon the project’s particular requirements and scope. At the point when you hire app developer, understanding regional cost contrasts is vital for budgeting and accomplishing quality outcomes proficiently.

Factors Affecting Outsourcing Costs

Outsourcing can be a cost-compelling technique, yet the final price tag can change enormously. Here is a breakdown of the key factors that affect outsourcing costs:

·        Project Complexity

Basic tasks with minimal features cost not exactly intricate projects with cutting-edge functionalities. The more complex the project, the greater outsourced app development hours and possibly specific skills are required, driving up the cost.

·        Team Experience

Seasoned developers with a demonstrated history come at a premium contrasted with less experienced ones. While experience frequently translates to higher-quality work, finding the right balance between expertise and cost is significant.

·        Location

When you outsource mobile app development to regions with lower living costs normally prompts lower development costs. For instance, rates in North America are for the most part higher than Eastern Europe or Asia. Be that as it may, consider factors like time region contrast and potential communication barriers.

·        Project Scope and Timeline

The size and term of your project essentially influence the cost. Define your project scope and wanted timeline forthright. Tight deadlines or regular scope changes could require additional resources or overtime work, increasing costs.

·        Vendor Services

The particular services presented by the outsourcing accomplice can influence cost. Do they deal with project management, quality assurance, or ongoing maintenance? A more extensive scope of services frequently comes at a higher price.

Cost to Outsource App Development by Different Regions

As we already mentioned the cost varies depending on the region. So, it is better to get a clear idea of the cost of hiring mobile app developers from different regions.

·        North America

North America is the most costly district to reevaluate mobile app development. Developers from the US and Canadian markets procure much more than others. For instance, if you outsource mobile app development to an average company, they may charge $150-$250/hour. With this high rate, the total cost can scale from $175,000-$250,000.

·        India

India has highly talented youthful developers who make creative development thoughts. It is one of the leading outsourcing destinations for the vast majority of international clients as it offers services at affordable prices. If you outsource app development to Indian developers, the cost is $20-$35 per hour. It is highly prudent to employ an app development outsourcing company from India.

·        Oceania

In Oceania, the cost to outsource app development is generally high, reflecting the district’s higher living standards and wage levels. Developers normally charge somewhere in the range of $80 and $150 each hour for work. A fundamental application could cost $30,000-$70,000. For more complicated applications, it could cost $100,000 to $250,000 or more. The higher rates guarantee high-quality development and adherence to local standards and expectations.

·        Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe comprises the greatest tech hubs on the planet. Numerous business people favor Eastern Europe since it offers value for money. With an average rate of $50-$70/hour, the cost of development is high. There is a typical conviction that the cost mirrors the quality of the item. Nonetheless, this isn’t correct as Eastern Europeans are highly skilled developers.

Outsourcing Collaboration Models and How It Impact the App Development Cost

Knowing how the outsourcing collaboration models can affect the app development cost is important for every company to optimize its resources. Through this, you can make sound decisions that will align with your project goals and budget.

·        Fixed Price

While appealing for upfront budgeting, fixed-price models can be dangerous for complex projects. Startling changes or element additions frequently lead to cost overwhelms and likely debates.

·        Time and Materials (T&M)

This model gives more noteworthy control over project highlights and direction. Notwithstanding, it requires clear communication when you hire mobile app developers and close project management to keep away from scope creep, which can expand costs fundamentally.

·        Dedicated Team

Offering strong collaboration and control, dedicated teams accompany the highest cost each hour. This model is the most appropriate for long-term, complex projects where consistent team accessibility is vital.

·        Staff Augmentation

This option offers the most flexibility and cost viability for explicit requirements. Nonetheless, managing communication with an outsourced app development team and incorporating “rented” developers with your current team can be a challenge.


For organizations that need to make applications of a high quality, outsourcing app development is a cost-effective choice. The complexity of the project and the geographical location of the development team both assumed a part in deciding the costs in question.

Understanding the cost of outsourcing app development is important to make informed choices. Plus, cautious preparation and choosing the right outsourcing accomplice are basic to finishing an effective app development project on budget.


1.  What’s the ballpark cost to outsource an app?

The cost varies extraordinarily depending on complexity, region, and collaboration model. Simple apps can range from $5,000 to $40,000, while complex ones can reach $250,000 or more.

2.  How do different regions affect the cost?

North America and Western Europe are most expensive (>$150/hour), while Eastern Europe and South Asia offer better rates ($50-$100/hour and $20-$30/hour respectively).

3.  What’s more important: hourly rate or total project cost?

Focus on the total project cost and choose a model that fits your budget and project needs. Try not to just chase the lowest hourly rate; consider communication, management needs, and likely cost overruns.

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