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How Should Gamers Boost Followers on Instagram

Are you also an Instagram Gamer who is struggling to bring more followers to your IG account?

If Yes, do not worry! We will help you out.

Getting followers on Instagram as a gamer seems like an impossible task when you are just starting out. With thousands of fellow gamers also looking to establish themselves, it is difficult to get noticed and gain traction initially. 

Thus here comes the need to Buy Instagram Followers.

When buying IG followers, you should also adopt the best strategies that real gamers use to attract more followers and make your posts stand out among millions of others.

Let us start with the actionable strategies!

How To Grow Your Gaming Account On Instagram?

The internet is ablaze with individuals eager to establish themselves on Instagram. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date tips to gain followers to the account you have created on Instagram Gaming Account, we are to assist. 

Follow the below pointers to learn more about how to succeed on Instagram.

1. Optimize your profile

The first impression matters. Spend time filling out your Instagram bio completely with all relevant details, such as your Gamertag, the platforms you play on, what games you specialize in, etc.

Make sure to include important hashtags that potential followers can search to find you.

2. Post Consistently Around A Schedule.

Gamers expect frequent updates from the accounts they follow related to games, tournaments, gameplay highlights, etc. Posting at unpredictable times makes it difficult to retain an audience.

Study your analytics to determine the most engaging days and times for your demographic, and then stick to a reliable schedule of 2-3 posts daily. Consistency builds predictable habits and trust with followers who will start anticipating your new content.

3. Use The Best Hashtags.

Hashtags allow your posts to reach beyond your current following and include related searches and discussions on Instagram. However, some hashtags are too broad and saturated to be effective.

Focus on micro niche hashtags related to specific games, genres, platforms, and events that your followers are actively engaged with. Use a maximum of 2-5 relevant hashtags per post.

4. Collaborate With Fellow Gamers.

One of the fastest ways to grow is by partnering with and featuring fellow gamers within your network. Host joint live streams and posts, comment on each other’s content and engage with each other’s content to cross-promote your accounts naturally.

Reach out to gamers with a similar audience size for fun collaborations. Plan gaming challenges and competitions with realistic incentives that followers will find engaging, like custom thumbnails, controller skins, etc., to drive interaction.

5. Leverage Relevant Events

Numerous events occur regularly within the gaming world, from new game releases to esports tournaments. Anticipate hype around such moments to maximize your reach through event-focused posts.

Create preview content, initiate relevant discussions, and run related polls and live streams. Repurpose any photography or videography assets from these events for your feed later. Partner with brands around events for sponsored giveaways.

6. Use Instagram Story highlights.

Stories disappear in 24 hours, but highlights allow you to selectively organize your most engaging stories as persistent profile sections for followers.

Create consistent, well-curated story highlight categories like “Behind the scenes” and “Tips & tricks,” recapping your best temporary content. This archived medium performs better than regular feed posts for discovery.

7. Go Live Frequently

Live videos are a unique way for followers to engage with you in real time compared to static posts. They build authenticity and strengthen connections when done right.

Gamers have leveraged lives for spontaneous Q&As, chill gameplay sessions with followers, tournaments, celebrations, etc. Promote upcoming lives through stories and posts in advance for higher viewership.

8. Reply To All Comments.

Nothing retains followers like personal interactions. Prioritize responding thoughtfully to every question, praise, or feedback from engaged commenters to foster a sense of community.

Take time to personally thank supporters through their comments and profiles beyond automated responses. This encourages meaningful conversations and cultivates long-term loyal followers who feel motivated to consistently support your content and career.

9. Offer Value Through Captions.

Captions are mini-articles unto themselves where you can provide insightful context, knowledge, or value to followers beyond the visual. GIFs or quick-loading video clips work best with long-form captions.

Recap tournament analyses, explain complex gameplay mechanics, share tips, narrate behind-the-scenes anecdotes, recommend builds – utilize captions to genuinely educate and inform your niche audience. This builds authority and sticky engagement over vanilla one-liners.

10. Repurpose Content Across Platforms.

Create generously formatted IGTV videos and reels, recapping your best Instagram TV feed posts and stories. Repurposing high-performance content extends its lifecycle and reaches new potential followers on the platform.

Promote these vertical videos through Instagram exploration and hashtags for additional eyes. Beyond Instagram, regularly reshare top highlights, Q&As, and tournament discussions onto Twitter and YouTube Community posts to an ever-widening base. Make the most of every piece of content.

11. Host Giveaways And Contests

Giveaways are proven to drive short-term engagement and follower spikes. Run periodic contests styled based on your niche, involving sharing, tagging friends, likes, etc., with enticing gamer prizes from your sponsors or customs created by you.

High-value prizes like customized controllers, game codes, and merchandise make giveaways more shareable events within your community, leading to many new profile visits and follow. However, keep them fun rather than salesy.

How To Get Permanent Instagram Followers Easily?

Now that you understand the basics, here are some additional tips for converting those initial followers into loyal permanent subscribers more quickly.

  • Engage Genuinely With Your Community

Like, comment, and message with followers beyond just self-promotion. Ask about their thoughts and gaming journeys, and actively help out with any questions.

  • Analyze Follower Insights

Check which content/times perform best to continually improve. Notice inactive accounts to better focus your efforts on engaging core supporters.

  • Collaborate Broadly Yet Meaningfully

Look beyond numbers to connect with aligned accounts through quality interactions for mutual long-term growth instead of superficial one-offs.

  • Tell Your Story

Beyond just gaming, share behind-the-scenes moments to humanize your brand. The more followers get to know the real you, the deeper their allegiance.

  • Thank Supporters Continuously

Whether through stories, direct messages, or feeds – make sure to sincerely appreciate all forms of engagement from true followers. This motivates them to stick around long-term.

How Goes About It?

While the above strategies help long-term organic growth, sometimes an initial visibility boost using tools like Thunderclap. can amplify your initial efforts multi-fold. allows campaign creators to invite their entire social networks to simultaneously post supportive messages on designated publish dates for maximum coordinated reach. This unified front provides a massive awareness spike for niche startups.

As a gamer you likely already have a scattered following across multiple platforms. streamlines this influence into a single powerful promotional push driving hours of unpaid engagement all at once. Good luck! 

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