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Living Lively: A New Era of Independence for Britain’s Elders

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A service gaining popularity in the UK offers our elders a unique solution to maintain independence while enjoying companionship. This program matches elders with carefully vetted live-in companions, providing both assistance and company in daily life.

Why Opt for a Companion Helper?

Empowered Living: With a live-in companion, the burden of household tasks is eased, allowing the homeholder to live on their terms. This shared responsibility fosters independence and leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Peace of Mind, Day and Night: The presence of a reliable companion provides ease, whether for evening company or daytime assistance.The reassurance of having someone there brings a comforting sense of security and tranquillity.

Day-to-Day Delights, Shared Joys: Companions bring warmth and camaraderie to everyday life, from shared meals to joint hobbies, enhancing the overall home environment.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Margaret O’Neill, Family of a Homeholder

“Since Companion Helper matched my mom with Emily, the house has been buzzing with laughter and activity. Emily has brought a delightful spark to our lives!”

Arthur Greene, Homeholder

“Having Simon around is like having a cheerful whirlwind in the house. Thanks to Companion Helper, my home feels lively and fun again!”

Linda Rousseau, Companion

“Living with Mrs. Thompson has been such a joy! We’ve become good friends, and her stories always keep me entertained. It’s been an absolutely wonderful blessing!”

How It Works

Companion Helper simplifies the process of finding the ideal companion for the homeholder’s needs. After a brief consultation with an advisor to understand preferences and situations, the service matches individuals with a thoroughly vetted companion based on compatible interests and schedules. Within days, potential companions are introduced via email, followed by a meeting to ensure a good fit. Once matched, the companion provides regular companionship and assistance with chores, supported by ongoing coordination from Companion Helper to ensure a harmonious living arrangement.

About Companion Helper

Building on a rich legacy dating back to the 1970s USA, Companion Helper continues the tradition of intergenerational living. Originating from the USA in the 1970s, this concept has evolved globally, bringing together people of different generations to share their lives and homes. The first companion programs were initiated by Maggie Kuhn in 1972.

In the UK, the concept was introduced by Nan Maitland in the early 1980s. By 1993, the first formal program was launched in London, marking the beginning of a rapidly growing movement. 

The idea has since spread across Europe, with notable programs in Spain and Germany, and has reached as far as Australia and Japan. Companion Helper continues this tradition, connecting generations and empowering lives.

Join the growing community of happy households and companions. Experience the benefits of shared living and the joy of daily companionship. Contact today.

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