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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Pest Infestation

Bed bugs are pesky, elusive creatures that can cause trouble and hassle if left unmonitored for a long time. These tiny critters can infest a place quickly, becoming a nightmare. The infestation of bed bugs can cause significant discomfort for you while sleeping. The itchy bites and rashes can cause mental distress. If you find bite marks on your body or molting remnants on your bedding, there might be a chance of bed bug infestation. Don’t fret!

Avoiding an infestation of bed bugs is easier than circumventing its growth once it is done. After you want pest free property without bearing any interruption or damages, lean on professional services. This blog post has compiled the ten best tips to avoid bed bug pest infestation. Give these proactive tips a try to ensure that these unwanted guests remain at bay from your haven.

Best Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation

To avoid your furniture becoming a home to these tiny invaders, follow the given ten tips. These tips ensure that your house remains bug-free and you enjoy the comfort of your safe haven without losing your sleep.

Block Crevices

The first tip to avoid these pests making your place their home, start by sealing the cracks and crevices you see around the house. Bed bugs are tiny, and they hide well. Examine the walls, baseboards, and furniture and seal the cracks. Inspect your bed thoroughly and check the whole frame to see crevices that might be hiding these creatures. Block them immediately.

Decluttering your Space

These tiny invaders like to hide. They wait until you sleep to come out and feed on you. Be quick to declutter your house and furniture that is no longer used, get rid of it. The tiny spaces are enough for these pests to live in. A dirty environment and piles of unoccupied furniture can cause bed bugs to infest your place. Eliminate the potential hiding places to avoid infestation.

Hire Professionals

Consider hiring a professional bed bug pest control Perth team of exterminators to reduce the chances of bed bug infestation. The experts know the chemicals that are safe for humans but deadly for these creatures. The team uses cutting-edge tools and advanced cleaning products to make your space bed bug-free. Do not worry about these critters, hire professionals right away.

Protective Covers

Encasing your mattresses and pillows in bed bug-proof encasements should be your first choice to eliminate the risk of infestation. These safety covers are designed to shield you from pests. They cannot enter the material, reducing the discomfort of itchy bites. Opt for tightly woven fabric and silk. They discourage these creatures from hiding inside your coverings.

Accommodation Inspection

Being vigilant on your travels is necessary to avoid carrying bed bugs with you to your home. When you enter a hotel or a rental property, check the furniture properly. Inspect the linen of the mattress covering. Look through the entire space by checking drawers, seams of carpets, floorboards, and headboards. If you find something suspicious, change the space immediately.

Luggage Protection

Be careful when traveling with luggage. Go for safe luggage and packing practices to avoid dealing with the aftermath of infestation. Select hard-shelled luggage bags and invest in protective luggage covers. Put your clothes and other stuff in sealable plastic bags. Upon returning, wash your clothes in hot water and clean your luggage bag before storing it in the house.

Examine Second-hand Furniture

The second-hand items that you bring into your residence should be thoroughly checked. These objects may be harboring a bed bug infestation, which can turn into a long-term nuisance. Check for cracks and openings in the furniture. Inspect the fabric of carpets and other clothing items for any telltale signs of bed bugs. Chuck the objects out of your house if they have bugs.

Wash Beddings

The tears in the fabric of your bedding allow the bed bugs to feed on you. Regular cleaning and maintenance of bedding and pillow covers ensure that these pesky pests do not find their way to your home. Use hot water to wash the pillowcases and linen sheets of the mattress. Use safe chemicals and laundry detergents to wash and clean every thread of the bedding.

DIY Solutions

There are numerous natural and easy DIY solutions to eliminate the risk of bed bug infestation. The use of essential oils, such as lavender, tea tree, and peppermint oils, helps keep the bed bugs away from your space. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth, a powder made with fossilized algae, on bed bug-prone spaces to dehydrate and kill these tiny creatures effectively.

Regular Vacuuming

The rugs and carpets of your floors have fibers at the base. The spaces between these fibers serve as the best environment for bed bugs to hide and infest your place. Regular vacuuming is an excellent way to suck the bed bugs from carpets, floors, and furniture. Make sure to seal the vacuum bag in plastic to stop these tiny creatures from escaping and coming back to your place.


Bed bugs can be the cause of severe discomfort and frustration. The itchy bites and rashes affect the quality of sleep and become a nightmare to deal with. To avoid this issue, our blog post discussed the best ten tips that will help you eliminate the risk of getting bed bugs in your home. Follow these potential tips to toss out these pesky invaders and never allow them to disturb your sleep.

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