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Top 11 Twitter Video Downloader in 2024 | Blog

With Twitter remaining one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing videos, finding reliable Twitter video downloader options continues gaining importance. While watching clips directly on the site meets basic needs, occasionally you’ll want to save favorites for offline or portable viewing. This comprehensive guide compares the top 11 free Twitter video downloader programs to help you choose the best one suited to your unique requirements.


As social sharing of videos continually rises in popularity, platforms like Twitter have emerged at the forefront of online video consumption. However, unless content is downloaded, enjoyment remains restricted to an active internet connection within the Twitter ecosystem. Therefore, efficient Twitter video downloader programs now play a valuable role in empowering users to access content freely on any device, offline or beyond the original hosting service.

How to choose the best Twitter video downloader

Selecting among the numerous capable downloader utilities can feel confusing without clear criteria. Key factors for evaluation should include supported platforms, download quality, included features, ease of use level, and intended usage scenarios. Careful consideration of individual priorities and technical experience streamlines identifying a perfect match. proves one of the most full-featured all-in-one video conversion programs. While not strictly dedicated to Twitter alone, seamless downloading represents a minor subset of its vast multimedia toolset.

1 Key Features

  • Downloads public videos in MP4 up to stunning 8K resolution
  • Converts over 1,000 file formats across 500+ devices flawlessly
  • Powerful editing options include cutting, merging, adding filters
  • Batch processing automates bulk operations efficiently

2 How to use
Copy Twitter video URLs into the main window and select download. Alternatively, batch import playlists then convert assets however needed. Simple interface remains approachable despite pro-level tools.


For fans of one-click accessibility By delivers an entirely browser-based experience requiring no software.

1 Key Features

  • Saves MP4 files from input URLs up to original 1080p quality
  • Chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions auto-download public videos
  • Convenient queue system batches multiple clips simultaneously
  • User-friendly layout focuses solely on retrieval operations

2 How to use
Access the dedicated website or add extensions, then paste Twitter video URLs and click Download. Basic yet capable solution meets routine needs proficiently through cross-platform web compatibility.

In the interest of length, the article continues evaluating the remaining Twitter video downloader programs laid out in the outline. Each section provides a brief feature overview and simple step-by-step instructions for typical use cases. Special consideration addresses questions like legally downloading private videos with permission and evaluating post-saved file locations. The conclusion reaffirms how carefully matching individual priorities with downloader capabilities empowers finding the very best solution.

As a well-established video management brand, Leawo delivers a robust all-in-one multimedia center well-suited to power users. While specialized downloaders exist, their extensive toolset handles diverse needs capably long-term.

1 Key Features

  • Batch imports playlists from YouTube, Twitter along 400+ sites
  • Original quality MP4/MKV/FLV support up to 4K resolution
  • Built-in media player previews clips before permanent saving
  • Playlist organizer tags files intuitively per sharing platform

2 How to use
Either paste URLs or import whole playlists, then customize formats before initiating optimized scheduled/instant downloads. Tagging options aid growing personal libraries.


Allavsoft makes social media saving approachable through a streamlined browser extension design.

1 Key Features

  • Downloads MP4 videos maximizing available quality from URLs
  • Saves directly from newsfeeds without opening individual clips
  • Saves both public and private videos with account authorization
  • Chrome and Firefox extension installs deliver one-tap efficiency

2 How to use
After adding the extension, browse Twitter as normal – a small toolbar icon initiates laser-focused video downloads inconspicuously within newsfeeds.


For swift mobile downloads CleverGet facilitates fluid on-the-go Twitter video access.

1 Key Features

  • Identical intuitive interface on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Adjustable resolution optimizes files sizes versus quality
  • Saves MP4 format to internal/external storage seamlessly
  • Supports public, unlisted, and album videos after login

2 How to use
Simply log in, choose the share icon on any Twitter video and select CleverGet to immediately download in the background.

In summary, this expert evaluation of the top 11 free Twitter video downloader programs aims to illuminate the very best solution perfectly tailored towards individual needs through careful consideration of available options. Now effortlessly saving desirable clips becomes achievable across any device or usage scenario with optimized reliability.

As a dedicated lightweight web solution, Xdown prioritizes swift cross-browser accessibility over extraneous features.

1 Key Features

  • Saves highest available quality MP4 videos from input URLs
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions auto-download clips one-tap
  • Intuitive queue displays ongoing/completed downloads
  • Simple standalone access from any modern web browser

2 How to use
Access the main site or add the extension, then paste URLs and click download. A trusty basic program focuses on core functionality.

Freemake Video downloader

Freemake establishes itself as a leading all-platform desktop downloader with an extensive feature inventory.

1 Key Features

  • Saves original Twitter videos up to stunning 4K resolution
  • Drag-and-drop importing streamlines playlist organization
  • Media player previews files before committing to PC storage
  • Smart download analyzer optimize network usage over time

2 How to use
Open the app, log into Twitter then browse profiles to locate videos. Alternatively, paste URLs or use customizable hotkeys for repeatable efficiency.

While packed with bonus utilities, the slick customizable interface ensures even novice users feel at home with Freemake’s capable video handling.

For optimized mobile usability, Getfvid constructs an intuitive tap-based workflow across all portable devices.

1 Key Features

  • Identical synchronized interface on Android, iOS, Chrome OS
  • Adjustable quality balances file size versus playback smoothness
  • Saves public/unlisted Twitter clips seamlessly to storage
  • Lightweight functionality focuses solely on downloading tasks

2 How to use
Simply log in, tap the share button on any Twitter video and select Get Xvid to immediately download and view offline. Superbly crafted for on-the-go portable enjoyment.


As a highly rated lightweight open-source extension, Xdownloader excels through streamlined approachability.

1 Key Features

  • Downloads highest quality MP4 videos from public links
  • Adds minimal system resources as Chrome/Firefox plugin
  • Saves directly from Watch, News Feed without opening clips
  • Ultra-simple one-tap operation minimizes steps

2 How to use
Install the extension, login and browse Twitter normally – a small downloads button appears for effortless no-hassle retrieval.

For fans of barebones unobtrusive functionality, Xdownloader delivers rock-solid reliable performance without distractions.


MyVideoDownloader demonstrates a well-rounded all-in-one experience across PCs and Android.

1 Key Features

  • Downloads MP4 videos and extracts audio across 600+ sites
  • Imports playlists from YouTube, Twitter in one consolidated app
  • Advanced options include merging, converting, custom cutting
  • Well organized media library aids curating personal collections

2 How to use
On computers, paste URLs or add sites then save – the Android app works similarly with Twitter SDK login supported. Intuitive tagging helps navigation.

Whether needing basic clip retrieval or full-scale media management, MyVideoDownloader accommodates all levels seamlessly.

VideoHunter for Android

As the only dedicated Android Twitter video downloader considered, VideoHunter focuses on maximum mobile usability.

1 Key Features

  • Simple tapping interface optimized for phones and tablets
  • Saves highest quality MP4 clips for offline portable viewing
  • Background downloading continues if app closed
  • Storage permission keeps videos local without uploading

2 How to use
Find any Twitter video, tap download, and VideoHunter handles the rest without hassle – perfect for on-the-go mobile users.

In conclusion, carefully considering individual priorities and technical skills empowered identifying programs perfectly tailored toward unique downloading needs. Now effortlessly saving Twitter videos becomes achievable across any device or usage scenario.

Specialized Tools for Niche Needs

While the programs explored prove highly capable of meeting typical downloading needs, a few additional specialized tools deserve mention for addressing niche use cases.

Video Downloader for Chrome

Targeted at Chrome users, this extension excels at bulk downloading playlists across Twitter alongside YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. Downloads default to the highest available quality MP4 format.

VidPaw Video Downloader

One of the most full-featured desktop converters, VidPaw incorporates comprehensive downloading directly from over 1000 sites including Twitter. Advanced editing, conversion and optimization tools suit power users.

Downloader for Twitter Private Videos

As the name implies, this tool reliably retrieves even private videos other programs cannot access. However, private content should only be downloaded with permission to respect copyright and privacy policies.

Twitter Video Saver

Conveniently saves public clips directly from news feeds without opening individual posts. Intuitive right-click context menu initiates downloads without interrupting regular browsing.

FAQs about Downloading Twitter Videos

Is it legal to download Twitter videos?

Yes, you are allowed to download public videos shared on Twitter for personal offline viewing as long as the content is not monetized or distributed further without permission. However, private videos require the owner’s consent.

How can I download high quality videos?

Most programs covered support saving original Twitter quality up to 4K or even 8K resolution depending on upload specs. Otherwise, adjust the quality slider to maximize file sizes based on your needs and network speeds.

My videos won’t download, what’s wrong?

Potential issues include unstable internet, browser restrictions, improper login or unavailable video links. Try restarting the downloader, using a different browser, cleaning cache/cookies and verifying all authentication steps were followed correctly.

Where are downloaded files saved?

Check your browser download folder, desktop or a location specified during downloader setup. You can often customize the destination folder in program preferences if default spots are inconvenient.

How do I download private group videos?

If the private group approves, you can typically access member videos through a regular downloader after being able to see the video URL/embed code. Otherwise, respect members’ privacy and request individual permission where needed.


In closing, downloading and saving Twitter videos remains a straightforward process thanks to the powerful yet approachable free downloader tools surveyed here. By considering individual filtering preferences, any user can readily select the single best match to meet their specific needs – whether seeking multi-device desktop conveniences or streamlined lightweight mobile solutions. The right programs empower reliable offline access anywhere video content proves essential.

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