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7 Ideas When Shopping for Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Some people find gift-giving fun. But if you’re not skilled in finding the right gift, it can be a stressful, trying time for you. If your anniversary is in a month or two and you still have no idea what to give your partner, consider the following advice. Follow these tips so that you won’t land in the dog house. 

Know the Different Themes

Is it your first anniversary as a married couple? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you were planning to buy something, start by looking at the themes for anniversary gifts by year. Yes, there are yearly themes. Like most people, you probably thought you could pick up any item and call that an anniversary present. That still works, though. Love doesn’t mean holding to impossible conditions and requirements. But consider looking at the themes to make it a memorable first anniversary and show your partner you love them. 

Be Creative

When you think about anniversary gifts by year, let your imagination run wild. For instance, the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, but the modern one is a clock, and the gemstone is gold. Any combination of the three can hit the nail on the head perfectly. A gold bracelet with a clock and paper markers or designs. How about a poster or drawing with all three? What about a clock with paper details and gold laminate? There are so many ways you can get creative with the combinations, so give it a try. 

Stay Within Budget

Too many people believe that the most expensive gifts are the best. But if your relationship is concerned about giving high-end presents, your bank accounts may not survive. Also, if you’re newlyweds, you have plenty of things to save up for, such as a home, raising a child, and a four-wheel drive to replace that Jeep or two-seater car. It’s a good thing there are online sites that help you think of creative gifts. It’s not necessary to spend all your money. You can find endearing, charming gifts and have enough in your wallet to get pizza by the end of the day. Relax and enjoy the cosy warmth of the couch, snuggled together under a blanket. That sounds like the perfect way to spend part of your anniversary. 

Consider What They Like

What details will stand out for your partner? For instance, make that cute online poster even more irresistible by adding a detail your spouse will love. Are they hockey fans? What about basketball or football? Is gardening their hobby? Do they love fantasy books? Find a gift you can customize with details. You can also look through the available items online and see if they’re already perfect for your partner. It doesn’t need to cost a lot. But your effort in finding the perfect one—bonus points if it’s hilarious or funny—can elevate that from an anniversary gag gift into a fantastic one. 

Plan the Presentation

Have fun planning how to present the gift/s to your partner. Do you leave them on the bed when she’s in the bathroom and wait for her to step into the bedroom? Do you put it in his bag or the car? Do you wake up him first thing in the morning of your anniversary and hand the gifts to him? Or maybe you wait until they’ve had their first cup of coffee before pushing that package towards them across the table? There are so many fun ways to give gifts to your partner. Have fun exploring those options!

Take Them Out for a Date

Another way to give your gifts is to prepare a date. Give the gift to them while you’re out on a wonderful dinner, strolling through the park, or maybe even relaxing in a coffee shop while you dig into dessert. There’s no limit to what you can come up with. 

Match It to Their Love Language

The five love languages are acts of service, physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts. If your partner has the last one, consider a small bunch of mini-gifts. A small pile of sweet gifts can mean much more and show your partner how much you care about them. You can also combine two love languages. For instance, consider a poster or photo with an affirmation. Tell your partner they’re the best. Tell them you love them and that they’re the most wonderful person in the world. Touch on their insecurities and make them feel better. If you know they worry about their cooking, a short affirmation of how you love the food they cook can make them feel a million times better. If they suck at math, tell them it doesn’t matter. You don’t love them for their math skills anyway. Your partner is sure to appreciate personalised gifts like that. 

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