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The Art of Handcrafting Puka Shell Necklace for the Modern Surfer

By ari kytsya May 15, 2024

The Puka shell necklace has made a remarkable comeback in the last few years. It is a nostalgic tribute to past surf culture and a coveted accessory for today’s beach lovers and even handmade jewellery enthusiasts. This resurgence goes beyond fashion; it entails reconnecting with cultural significance and craftwork in these necklaces. Pineapple Island is among the brands leading this revival; they are experts in designing handcrafted puka shell necklaces catering to modern tastes while respecting traditional methods.

Art of Crafting Puka Shell Necklaces

This art begins with gathering shells to make a puka shell necklace. These are not ordinary shells chosen carefully based on size, colour, and hole conditions. Nature has been well done over time. Collecting and preparing the puka shells involves carefully selecting only the best ones beyond the stringing phase.

Pineapple Island takes this artistry further by incorporating various techniques in its designs. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure it is strong yet maintains the natural beauty attributed to the delicate appearance of individual pukas (Bryson 11). Such meticulousness is essential because it makes every piece unique and represents the brand’s devotion to quality and genuineness.

Today’s Appeal

The idea behind Pineapple Island was finding a new concept for someone who knew what they wanted. Far from being mere accessories, these necklaces represent an individual approach towards personal style and passion for water bodies around us since they can be personalized by adding innovative designs. Their selection features something for everyone, whether minimalistic or bold statements.

Wearing Puka Shell Necklaces

It can be worn by both men and women alike since its versatility makes it a must-have addition. This could either mean giving an effortlessly casual beach look some oomph or bringing boho vibes into a more formal outfit! Teaming up delicate pieces of pukas with a flowy sundress will create just the right summer ambience on the ladies’ side. Thicker, broader pukas can act as an ideal match for menswear, such as beachwear or casual shirts, to give a rugged appearance that is still smart. It is important not to overdo it and allow the necklace to be your style’s main point, disregarding your outfit.

What Pineapple Island Does

Pineapple Island stands out from the rest because of its outstanding handiwork and its dedication to sustainable development and local artisans (Bryson 11). Buying a Pineapple Island puka shell necklace does not just mean acquiring gorgeous jewellery but supporting ethical practices and helping maintain traditional skills. This balance between quality and sustainability distinguishes this handmade jewellery brand from others.


The everlasting appeal of puka shell necklaces among today’s surfers and beachgoers lies in their enduring beauty, versatility, and deep personal connection with the sea (Bryson 12). The unique collection from Pineapple Island embodies this tradition, combining artisanal skillfulness with modern-day design for stylish yet meaningful pieces.

If you love water like me, are a person who loves surfing, or are at least attracted by the aesthetics of handmade ornaments, then Puka shell jewellery from Pineapple Island is meant for you. Browse their collection and pick one item to complete your summer outfit.

By ari kytsya

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