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Top 6 Real-Time Voice Changers for your Live Stream

By ari kytsya Jul 5, 2024

Finding a good and reliable real-time voice changer can be a task in today’s highly cluttered market. The same is why we have assembled this guide for you to discuss the top 6 real-time voice changers for live streams.

Without any further discussion, lets begin.

6 Best Real-Time Voice Changer for Live Stream

1. HitPaw Voice Changer

HitPaw Voice Changer allows you to change or modify your voice in various forms. You can use it for gameplay, content creation, and designing royalty-free music.


  1. Enhanced audio: HitPaw enhances your audio quality by removing all the voice distortion from the background.
  2. Text to speech: Convert your words into speech with its advanced features.
  3. Audio restoration: Enhance the quality of your audio through advanced AI algorithms. 
  4. Intuitive interface: HitPaw’s interface is immensely intuitive and beginner-friendly.


  1. Soundboard
  2. AI real-time voice changer
  3. Echo remover
  4. Vocal remover
  5. Reverb remover
  6. Audio converter
  7. Live voice changer
  8. Easy setup
  9. Noise cancellation
  10. Keybind control

2. is a powerful voice alteration tool that helps you change or completely transform your voice within the blink of an eye. The platform has over 1,000 different voice effects with multiple filters to help you create scary voice notes or funny messages.


  1. Real-time voice change: Lets you instantly change your voice in live streams or calls.
  2. Customization: A large number of voice filters and effects are available to customize your creation further.
  3. Excessive noise removal: The helps you remove all the excess and unwanted noise from the background.


  1. Soundboard
  2. Echo removal
  3. Noise remover
  4. Ai voice changer
  5. Reverb remover
  6. Audio converter

3. Altered


  1. Extreme compatibility: Altered is compatible with multiple platforms and web applications, such as Microsoft, Google Meet, Discord, Zoom, etc.
  2. Fast changing: The platform instantly changes your voice as you speak.
  3. Filtration: Use advanced iteration to adjust your chosen voice model’s pitch, tone, and style.


  1. Text-to-speech changer
  2. Voice cloning
  3. Real time voice changer
  4. AI voice cleaner
  5. Voice editor helps you instantly convert your voice into someone else’s as you speak. Its speech-to-speech model is available online and offline, and it can be used whenever and wherever.


  1. Quality audio: Provides crystal clear voice by removing all the background distortion.
  2. Low latency: The platform supports fast voice changing with a latency as low as 100ms.
  3. Beginner-friendly interface: The highly intuitive interface caters to pros and beginners equally.
  4. Multiple effects: Choose from an extensive library of voice types to alter your audio as needed.
  5. Multi-lingual: Find voice templates in various languages and accents.


  1. Voice changer real time
  2. Speech to speech
  3. Localization tool (60+ languages)

5. Voxal Voice Changer Software

It is a renowned software program famous for its modifying feature, which allows you to alter your voice via a microphone. So, you can transform from a boy into a girl or from a human into an alien. In addition, you can also apply the effects on recorded audio.


  1. Compatibility with games: The software is compatible with multiple platforms and games, including Discord, Google Meet, Fortnight, etc.
  2. Background sound: Besides speech, alter your background noises as you desire.
  3. Efficiency: Low CPU consumption prevents your system from hanging or lagging.


  1. Audio tools
  2. Video tools
  3. Mac Software
  4. Image and photo
  5. Android and iPhone apps
  6. Software utilities
  7. Radio software
  8. Streaming software
  9. Software for business

6. . EaseUS VoiceWave

Last but not least, the EaseUS VoiceWave is a platform that helps in real-time voice modification through advanced AI and software.

With just a few clicks, you can speak like the opposite gender, someone older or younger than your age, or sound like your favorite character.


  1. Voice clarity: Record, alter, and send your files in MP3 format.
  2. Fast changing: Change your files in real-time for calls and files.
  3. Background noise: Get an opportunity to change or cancel the background noise.
  4. Mixing: Mix two or more vocal tracks to adjust the balance.
  5. Customization: Alter the pitch and tone of your voice while speaking.


  1. Real time ai voice changer
  2. Audio recorder
  3. Noise reducer
  4. Audio mixer
  5. Popular effects
  6. soundboard

How do you change your voice on a live stream?

Here is the step-by-step guide to changing your voice on a live stream.

  1. Install any of the above-discussed software on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Open the software and switch your system microphone to the app’s.
  3. Now, select the voice type you want to use,
  4. Customize the effect by adjusting the pitch, tone, and modulation.
  5. Before going live, test your microphone to see if it is properly working.
  6. Finally, launch your life stream, “Add Source,” and choose “Audio.”
  7. Start streaming.

However, make sure to check if all the components, such as the microphone and cameras, are correctly attached to the setup.


Q1. Is there a real-time voice changer?

Yes, there are multiple voice changers discussed, such as HitPaw Voice Changer,, and EaseUS VoiceWave

Q2. What is the best voice changer for live streaming?

Some of the best live-stream voice changers include HitPaw Voice Changer, Altered, and Voxal Voice Changer Software.

Q3. Can you use a voice changer live?

Yes, you can. In the content above, we have mentioned a complete guide to using a voice changer for live streams or live calls.


Have you struggled for years to find an accurate and efficient real-time voice changer but never found one? Your struggle is finally over because we have seen the top 6 Real-Time Voice Changers for your Live Stream.

After months of continuous research and testing, all of these voice changers have been selected to ensure that what you choose is the best of the best.

The list includes HitPaw Voice Changer,, Altered,, Voxal Voice Changer Software, and EaseUS VoiceWave. The content above provides deep insight into each facility’s features and products.

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